AI-Powered software tools for Veterinarians

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Our solutions use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze and integrate knowledge to support your veterinary decision making

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Triage Assistant

Augment the triage process with AI to improve clinic efficiency

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Admissions Assistant

Streamline the admissions process to quickly obtain relevant information and reduce consult time

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Clinician Dashboard

Improve patient outcomes and reduce redundant documentation so veterinarians can do what they do best

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Practice Management Toolset

Optimize clinical efficiency and profitability.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Your Benefit

Your Benefit

Provide insights and decision support to veterinarians when and where they need it. Spend more time in patient care while making patient record documentation more accurate and efficient.

Our Mission

Utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve healthcare outcomes for companion animals.

Our Vision

Evidence based methodologies driven by reliable data and Artificial Intelligence will improve the level of care and medical outcomes for veterinary patients. Our AI driven solutions and analytics will focus the hospital practice to harness resources and knowledge to create more effective, profitable practices allowing clinicians to focus on patient care and healthcare plans that are fully informed and outcome driven.

Improve Patient Experience
and Outcomes

Convey confidence with at hand evidence based resources and decision support tools, thereby levelling the experience gap among veterinarians. Provide better service and care through effective case prioritization and throughput.

Improve Hospital

Allow veterinarians do what they do best by focusing their efforts and workflow on targeted patient care. Obtain critical insights into workflow and efficiency to make better resource allocations and decision making hospital wide to best support clinical care.


Identify areas of inefficiency and irregularity through deep dive analytical tools. Measure and target effective change and obtain reliable measures on progress and trajectory.